Class Field Trip

The last “official” day of our school was today. It was a day to remember. For the first time this year, Class 12 behaved like Class 12 should have. In every 5 minutes of the annual boring Christmas assembly at school, an “atom” bomb was going off. The coordinators were furious, but what could they do anyway. The people responsible were standing like just another bunch of innocent people. That showed the amount of practice that went into the process(timing the bombs to go off at regular time intervals).

So after the assembly we assembled near the bus-stand to get ready for our two-hour trip to Dam Dama lake. It’s in Rajasthan(as airtel told me after adding 50 bucks to my bill as roaming charges) and we had many rounds of Truth or Dare on the way to keep our brilliant minds occupied. We even played this amazingly simple game called Bluff with a regular pack of 52 playing cards(Sometimes the IQ of science students can be compared to that of truck drivers in India).

When we reached the “Dream Island” Dam Dama between a lake void of water, we only then started realising that Rs.150(+ Rs.200 from our pockets) is an exorbitant amount that the school had spent only to see something much smaller than the usual Nehru Park we goto without spending anything. We couldn’t do anything much but still we did our best to get our money’s worth by losing as many footballs and volleyballs as we could.

We didn’t get pizzas for lunch but the food was definitely better than what we got last year at last year’s class field trip. After lunch we had this long photography session, and girls from TAFS being part of our photographs became a big issue and also a reason why their(TAFS) teachers started shouting(more like elephants screaming) at us. Now we angels of MSM were completely unaware of how they became part of our photographs and told them that we had deleted the photographs which had already been backed up via bluetooth on a dozen phones. Hmm…interesting day, I should say.

In another session of Truth or Dare while returning to school in the semi-deluxe bus(a revamped DTC-like bus with a couple of fans which didn’t work), we had people doing strange things in front of our new chemistry(and class) teacher because of some strange mental illness that we had acquired after eating lunch. The toppers of the class were having a more complicated session of Truth or Dare, doing things they would do at the colleges(that they have already assumed they have got admission into).

Coming back home was also a roller coaster ride, with 10 boys other than me in my car and the trunk open throughout the ride. I was just hoping that this small WagonR of mine wont break down on it’s way back home. And since it didn’t I’m able to blog this long post about what we did on the last day of our schooling lives.

Right now I’m deciding on whether to get a MacBook Pro or Dell XPS ML 1710.