Exun 2006

Yes, we went this time. And without our school’s permission. Our school found out. And we still didn’t get into any trouble, mainly because we came 2nd in Swat the Bug (and I take no credit for it). It was this certain Rahul Bhatnagar who really racked up his brains and helped us get what we did and I still haven’t given him a treat for it. The organisers were presumably ex-Exunites and organisation is what we should learn from them.

The EXUN video, I thought, was pretty good. Others think otherwise.

Tried participating in the HardwareOC event, and all we could do was try. Didn’t win anything. Quizzing is what I am really bad at. When you’re at the PC it is different. If one option doesn’t work, try the next one. And given no option, I just don’t know what they expect me to write in a technical quiz.

Thankfully the quiz we had in the Matrix Challenge was not a preliminary round. If I had kept it like that, no one would have qualified into the real event.