Steve Jobs - 1955 to forever.

In an exam I recently took, there was a writing section where I had to word an essay explaining whether past experiences are important when thinking about solutions to problems of the future. I explained how all solutions are a sum of what we have learnt - a background that only history is able to provide. To understand the context of any problem reasonably well, or to be able to call something a problem before you can start solving it you need be on a path guided by your past even if it’s just your recent past. I went on about scientific advancement and how it was only possible to move forward if we had something we previously understood that was worth questioning. Like a template I wrote about how we no longer think the world is flat and how we now understand and accept gravitation as we should always have.

Suddenly though as I wrote about Newton I realized that I could also mention the other Apple. My essay ended with a 200-word tribute to Steve Jobs with the last line being: “He pushed the human race forward.”

I knew there was a disconnect between the two parts of what I had written; I was happy ending my test then because that is what I wanted to write. Today was sad because I woke up at 6:30 to the news of Steve passing away. I was shaken for most of the day. I felt a little better later in the day when I checked my email and learnt that I had got a full score on the part of the test I described above.